Using experience on the best BMW EWS key programmer

This article is for those who are looking for the using experience with EWS key programmers, ews3 OD46J for example.

Review 1. Xprog can read it without removing the MCU.

Review 2. Also EWS Editor Lite which reads through kline. If your EWS is OD46J, kline is OK. If 2D47J, you detroy by kline.

Review 3. Most of the world use AK90 key programmer for EWS because it’s very reliable and cheap. And for old EWS 1-2 which many are scared of, it’s safe without desoldering MCU from board.

1) Have EWS3 OD46J to read, you need one extra a K-LINE OD46J EWS3 Adapter

bmw-ews-key-programmer-ak90-using-experience-00 bmw-ews-key-programmer-ak90-using-experience-01

2). 2005 BMW X5 with AK90+: perfectly

ews4 l have adapter if you haven’t its solder , ak90 has pinout drawing. Get this adapter, worth it to save time.


And this is the ews4 adapter:

bmw-ews-key-programmer-ak90-using-experience-03 bmw-ews-key-programmer-ak90-using-experience-04

How to cut and program bmw real or cheap ews keys with ak90 programmer . E46 m3 5 series.

Credits to @Jack Meyers

3). range rover 2001 all key lost , BMW ews3 with pfc7935

Range rover (vogue) will take about 5-10 mins to remove EWS.
Cluster, radio and climate console to take off if I remember well.
Had to make a hole in the dash where the cluster sits to take ews off which once reinstalled the cluster can’t be seen.

AK90 pinout:

1) Attach the picture of AK90 where is pin or point for direction to connect to mcu:


2) AK90 problem: Pin no touch

bmw-ews-key-programmer-ak90-using-experience-07 bmw-ews-key-programmer-ak90-using-experience-08 bmw-ews-key-programmer-ak90-using-experience-09 bmw-ews-key-programmer-ak90-using-experience-10

Here is the correct pinout 10pin cable:

The problem is in the socket see attached photos, ofcourse that to reach this conclusion disassemble everything. I hope you learn.
In the socket cut the 4 plastic as the picture.

You need insert the socket until the end. no space between the socket and the circuit as this picture

3) Check connection adapter ak90 maybe have one pin loss..

bmw-ews-key-programmer-ak90-using-experience-11 bmw-ews-key-programmer-ak90-using-experience-12

Use sandpaper to make the surface flat adapter. see picture ..


Last but not least, where can I buy a good AK90 BMW EWS programmer?

I bought my from before few months and work OK for BMW.

Good luck.

  • Scania VCI-3 VCI3 Scanner
  • X-PROG Box V6.12