BMW Autohex II is far much better than BMW-Explorer?

BMW Explorer:

It’s used for DTC claring with clear text explanation, car setting adjustment, maintenance interval adjustment, key programming or blocking, remote control synchronization …


BMW Autohex II:

Autohex II HW4 BMW full kit can be used to read and write ISN for key programming and Ecu programming and coding (incl. HexTag)



BMW Explorer vs. BMW Autohex II:

I though by now people have realized that Autohex is much better than explorer.

For me personally Autohex is far much better than Explorer.

I have Autohex Full and my friend have Explorer Full and i always rescue when it come to fem or bdc.

Cas is becoming an old module as there are many tools than can do cas module.

The best part people are always forgetting is that Autohex has more function than explorer.
with autohex you can do flashing, coding, any cas or fem or bdc replacement and adaption, egs,
all updates are for free, you can reset mileage very easy, and many more things you can do if you know how to use Autohex.

0j48005 vin is another friend of mine that i rescued and he also have full Explorer and he failed to make a key for a 2014 BMW X5 because explorer is saying he must update with BMW E-sys first

0C39868 also another explorer full user failed to reset mileage for the bmw X5 2013 because explorer is saying he must update with BMW E-sys first also

i can put up a list of people or cars that explorer failed and i solve in less than 15 min

with my personal experience i will advise anyone to buy Autohex because i call it IDIOT PROOF, because it is the safest and most friendly and the support is always there.

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